Parkplatz / Parking place in Viertel, Bremen

Name: Peter Pinter

Dear All,
If you are in need of a temporary but secure parking place in Viertel, Bremen, please read further.
There is a parking place in the school of Gesamtschule Mitte Standort Brokstraße in the street of Sielwall. It is protected with a fence and gate, therefore, you can only enter with a key (kind of special key). Only one very strict rule exists that you can only use the parking during weekdays from 15:30 till 8:00, but during the weekends you can park there all the time. It’s because of the school timing and if you would leave the car, it could be towed, or kids on the playground could damage and ultimately the parking could not be used any longer. It would cost 50 EUR per month and I would take a 65 EUR deposit.
If you are interested, please, drop me a message: Péter Pintér
Thanks and have a nice day!

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